Collect $200

NOT Winning

upon opening my email, there’s a message waiting for me announcing the start of the fantasy football draft. considering it’s brandon’s new (but clearly top) favorite thing to do these days, i suppose i should be highly flattered that he invited me to join. i’m familiar with football, and enjoy watching it, but actively participating in a fake league week after week will probably get old. i don’t do anything half-way though, and when you tell me there’s a $250 prize waiting for me at the end if i win, then i’m about to give it my all. being that alabama has no professional football team and college sports dominate everything, no, i don’t know many nfl wide receivers and running backs. but i do know how to google them.

i really enjoy games. i enjoy competition. it’s slowly becoming more apparent to me each and every day just how competitive i am. for example, i can’t simply get on the treadmill and run. at some point i’m tired, so i have to pretend i’m racing the person next to me, or in front of me. and if the gym is empty, i pretend someone is chasing me. it’s still hard for me to lose anything, and at times being goal-oriented can be my worst enemy. if i can’t plan it, or measure the success of a thing, i usually want no part of it. the one thing good thing i can say about this competitive vibe is that it’s not unknown to me. at the very least, i’m not deceiving myself, and i am making an effort to monitor my comptetitive nature. i sort of have to, after the infamous scrabble incident. i can’t even remember the word that i tried to play, but the other players said no and i lost it. that word could have won me the game, and their joint denial meant that i lost. i was not a happy camper.

i started a game of monopoly with brandon. he hadn’t played since he was 10, and i was sure i could beat him. somehow, he now owns half the board and i can’t make it around the board once without paying him hundreds of (fake) dollars. i’m so low on money that i’m avoiding picking up where we left off. i don’t know many strategies from coming back in monopoly when you’ve mortaged half of your property. but i do know how to google them.


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