I Hate To See You Go, But I Love To Watch You Leave

As soon as I stepped out of Jamba Juice and into the chilly weather we had on Saturday, I started walking as fast as I could. A large crowd of people made it impossible to move quickly, adult men and women taking up space to point and take pictures. The street was crammed with black vans and SUV’s, with security just about everywhere you looked. The kind of security usually reserved for…oh…I held my breath. Is it Obama? A door to the Warwick Hotel’s side entrance opened. And then, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad made his appearance.

I Am A Patriot And I Just Proved It By Taking This Picture

“This is the Warwick Hotel. WHY would they put Obama in the Warwick? Bush never stayed in the Warwick, only the best for Bush! But Obama, they put my President in the– oh snap, that’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!”

That was me as I looked on. I suddenly forgot I was in a rush, and only came to my senses when two friends passed me. Now unlike most I was relieved and I’ll admit, a little happy to see the short, tan man who I was just watching from my home earlier in the week. It’s not everyday you see the President of Iran.

I can sense I’ve angered you, so please allow me to explain. For starters, I am a news junkie. And a political science major! (And a theatre arts major, but this isn’t about my double degree, ahem.) I consume the news, especially when it concerns politics, the way other people watch football or sitcoms on weeknights. I’ve cut back on how much I watch the news because oftentimes it’s bad, and oftentimes I don’t believe it applies to me. If I were the type of person who squealed when famous people are around, it would be for the likes of Anderson Cooper or CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. And don’t get me started on James Carville during an election year.

With all that is happening globally, it is beyond me how people can be so concerned with the most UN-important things, like a starlets plastic surgery or a posh wedding. I am left with open-mouth confusion over the fascination with Kim Kardashian. Now what’s Kim Kardashian got to do with an anti-Semitic dictator? “Technically, Iran is a democracy with a freely elected leader,” one of my cynical male readers just mumbled. (I can hear you through the internet.) And right you are. I’m sure that Kim Kardashian is a beautiful, hard-working woman. Actually, I know that she is because I know a few people who’ve met her. But the attention that we as a country pay to her and other ‘celebrities’ bothers me. People don’t celebrate the release of freed hostages, but they know Kim Kardashian got married. They don’t read articles in the Times discussing the rising death toll in Somalia, but they know Khloe might be pregnant. It makes no sense. And I’m not being dramatic either. I work(ed) in SoHo, and I’ve met many a tourist eager to get to the KarDASHian boutique. People like them never want to discuss Libya.

So if it takes a person like Ahmadinejad stepping foot in the UN and making so many people mad that they have no choice but to make him the headline, then so be it. I hope people get mad. I hope people recognize an enemy to Israel when they see one, and take the necessary measures to protect her. I hope they see the danger in letting Gaddafi roam the desert. I hope things get better.

It was such an eventful weekend, and after such a one as that, it’s time for me to get some sleep. I want to wake up with fresh eyes in the morning.


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