What I Learned From Jay-Z and Kanye West (3)

What I Learned From Jay-Z and Kanye West, Part 3


One of the Best Shots I Took-- Is That a Margiela Jacket?

Put ‘ya hands in the sky and wave ’em side to side.

At 10:52pm “All of the Lights” came on, and I sang the chorus like Rihanna was paying me royalty fees. The energy was on a continuous upswing the entire night, and it was very possible that the show could have climaxed at that point and come to an end. Which leads me to–

Lesson 5: Give Them What They Paid For. Whether it’s cleaning the bathroom or giving my all on my new project, I’m going to put on a show. It doesn’t look like these two needed a great deal of rehearsal, but the show was excellent. No backup dancers, no Alicia Keys popping out to sing “Empire State of Mind” (not a fan of that one), and nobody flew with the help of invisible wires. But it didn’t matter, it was the show we paid to see and much more.

Probably because of Lesson 6: Get a Good Partner. The chemistry between these two has been touched on by every columnist that’s done a write-up of the show, and now I’m adding my two cents in. You are the company you keep. And I keeps me some of the best. I could not have purchased tickets, picked seats, gotten us to the concert, or made sure it was a perfect outing without the help of and the work put in by my splendid roommate. Amber has been the biggest blessing to my life since I moved in with her. She has my allegiance as a friend for life, and I can speak for Brandon to second that motion. I heard him say “I just had the time of my life” at the end of the show, and I will always remember that she helped make that possible. I love you. He loves you. We will always have a guest room for you.

Prior to seeing the show, Amber and Brandon tried to get me to listen to a few songs from the album Yeezy and Jay– see how familiar we are with one another now?– put out, but I refused. Their favorite was “Niggas In Paris”, a song with an infectious beat and go-wash-your-mouth-out-with-soap lyrics. The show ended with Jay-Z saying, “We took y’all all around the world…but there’s one city we haven’t been to yet.” Everybody but me knew what that meant, and they went wild. They ended up playing the song not once, not twice, but three times because the crowd wanted it that badly.

And that’s the final lesson. Number 7: Give ‘Em Some More. Have people screaming and saying your name long after you’re gone. Then get a sip of water, wipe ya’self off, and hit ’em with the best you have again.

Would I go again? Eh. Did I enjoy myself? Definitely. And I learned some things. Some things I didn’t plan to learn.

No place I’d rather be than right here. With you. You’ve been a beautiful audience. Good night.


Written to: Kings of Leon “Sex On Fire”, Aaliyah “If Your Girl Only Knew”, Aaliyah “Back and Forth”




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