The Girl with Aaliyah Bangs


Haircut Anyone?

Along with a hit television show and a cooling device for food, I also invented several fashion trends you see today. I invented them the same way Paris Hilton invented the phrase “That’s hot”– the combination of two basic words in the English language being used together and frequently in an off-putting way, thereby making for one of the most popular catch-phrases in the last decade. In the same way, I should be given credit for being the first to wear pants that were too short, suspenders, and flat-bottomed shoes. I did it, no one ever thought to do it the way I did it, and now every one’s dressing like a hipster.

The only occasion on which I can recall copying a style was the year Aaliyah’s first album came out. My hair was very long then, and I never knew what to do with it. Until, of course, she showed me and every girl who listened to R&B that the answer was to swoop a big chunk of your hair over one eye and let it just sort of hang there. It was a calculated, mysterious hair-do that I became obsessed with having on my own. I never wore the sunglasses over the facial bangs, but I used to apply hairspray for one, two, three minutes straight in order to keep that hair perfectly in place. Looking at my old hairdresser in the mirror at one of my appointment’s I said, “Cut my bangs so they go like this“. And she did. She sure did.

I remembered these facts not on my own but because I had the opportunity to speak with Jenny Heard, one of my best friends from college. Focused on buying a house, she is rarely sitting still when we talk by phone, but still makes time to keep me in the loop on all that is happening in the South. I can tell that she loves me by the way she answers the phone, and I can tell that she’s got her eye on some beautiful houses by the way she gets distracted every time she turns onto a new street. She gets a kick out of reminding me of the terrible way I used to dress. She sees me not as a reformed hot mess, but rather as a trendsetter, an observation that is untrue but one that I really appreciate. With her help and the help of some very key people, I’ve shifted back into a normal and lady-like groove.

Planning for my high school reunion in LA next week has led to thinking about my high school reunion in LA next week. And of course, there’s the minor anxiety that comes from thinking about the people you’ll see and how they’ll react to seeing you after such a long time. The anxiety from that fades, and then new minor anxiety comes up about what to wear. And then that too fades because the answer is simple: something fabulous. And simple. And perhaps Burberry.

As promised, I’ve come out of the fire without a hint of smoke on my clothes. Glory to God in the Highest for every good thing that has happened to me in the last few weeks. It’s been so awesome that it causes me to stand with a quiet confidence in Who I trust. I find myself just smiling when people ask how I am because I can’t brag about a job like the one I have right now in the corporate showroom of one of the most prestigious international fashion houses I know– hey girl hey– as though it were my doing. For it is all Him. I trusted, I listened, I waited, I prayed, and I was above all else obedient. I know like I know like I KNOW that I’m going to end up exactly where I’m supposed to be. So my job, my real job everyday for the rest of my life is to be the most loving, patient, kind, humblest, meekest, faithful, peaceful, joyful, and gentlest Jasmine I can be and to trust in all of those truths.

So let’s celebrate. There is a new Coldplay cd out after all. And a Thanksgiving dinner to un-plan. The theme of my dinner, which I have dropped feeling guilty over– honestly confessing to those who were kind enough to invite us over that all we want to do is relax, eat, sleep, etc– is simplicity. This year, I’m beyond thankful for everything. For what has been and what is. And for what is to come.


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