Dear Kind Sir,

A post—

A really good, really well thought-out and detailed post—

A really good, really well thought-out and detailed post full of interesting things is on the way.

But first, I thought I’d share a little bit about what it is I’ve been doing lately. I ran into a very tall—and relatively good-looking, for those of you who are single—man with a camera last week. His website says he went to the University of Georgia, and that he enjoys taking pictures of homeless people. So, the question is, why NOT hire him to take pictures of my most important day? A letter I sent him is below:

Hi William!

The exclamation point suggests I’m excited, although there’s no clear reason why just yet—other than I’ve had a chance to look at your photos and really appreciate what I’ve seen. I grabbed a card from you recently while you were taking photos of a young black girl in Clinton Hill. I was in gym clothes looking haggard. If this isn’t ringing any bells yet that’s probably a good thing, for me at least. Moving on, I’m recently engaged and looking for a photographer to take brilliant, intimate, hilarious portraits of my wedding next April. Yes, I said next April. I’m planning now because I have no intention of being stressed out the whole year, only the first part of the year.  Is this something you offer/are up for?—and if so, what would your rate be for 3 or 4 hours?—and if so, can my fiancé and I take you to coffee at some point during the summer so we can tell you how much we despise Georgia’s football team and simultaneously boast about being Alabama alums (Roll Tide), as well as get to know one another? Hoping to receive a yes to all three.







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