Mind Your Business

If you scramble the letters in "Eat Fresh" you get "Heat Refs".

I returned my Dad’s call last night, and he answered on the fourth ring. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m at Subway trying to Eat Fresh!” was his reply.

There on the street I started to laugh hysterically. Where did he learn that? Oh, why am I asking, I know exactly where he learned that. From the tv, of course. He’s heard it on a commercial numerous times and now he associates Subway sandwiches with eating fresh. Jarrod has brainwashed my Dad. Hook, line, and sinker.

The places where you gather information are almost as important as the information itself. Like my Dad, you’ll be sucked into something without realizing it if you’re not careful about what you spend your time absorbing. I used to read the Post every morning, but I quickly realized that doing so was a terrible idea. For those of who don’t live in New York—an increasing number I should add, and I both appreciate you stopping by and apologize for the delay in fresh content–, the Post is a sensationalized, small text, big picture, absolutely addictive and exaggerated version of the news. Still…you’ve got to avoid the man selling them for mere quarters outside of most subways. One should not begin one’s day with stories of rape, arson, and child neglect—and I plan to put that tip in the non-fiction book that I hope to write in three years, which is of course, is after I write and publish the fiction novel that I said I’d be starting before that. And that of course, is after I figure out when to do all of this.

I started a new job that I simply adore at the end of February, and we recently had a meeting—we love to have meetings around here—and a woman that I work with asked me to get something done that’s virtually impossible. When I spoke up about the unlikelihood of the request being completed, she told me that the way to get things done in the non-profit business world is to first start suggesting things. She went on and on about who I should target, and how I should slide up next to them while they’re say, warming their lunch in the microwave and just begin talking about the project we’re working on as if the idea had just occurred to me. She was convinced that if we suggested the idea to enough people, they’d eventually believe it to be a reality, and would get on-board.

“Like the movie ‘Inception’”, I blurted out. She agreed enthusiastically. I stirred my coffee, and wrote a note that was really only half of a complete sentence on my notepad. I was distracted halfway through the line thinking about whether non-profit inception was a legitimate skill to add to my resume, and if I was Leonardo DiCaprio in this situation, or the Asian man who gets shot near the end.

I’m now a lot choosier when it comes to where I get information. The main source is the Bible. If the Bible says it’s so, then it’s so. And as a believer, let me just point out that even when you’ve decided something will be your truth, it doesn’t mean there aren’t days when you try to wiggle around God’s laws. For instance, I’ve been paying my tithes without any bumps in the road for years. Then I noticed the straps on my purse were wearing thin and looking haggard, and I tried to reason that I really shouldn’t pay my tithes because technically I had given so much extra money that this could be considered a special option to decline tithing. And that’s not correct. The Bible says you tithe, so I tithe. And I wear raggedy purse straps until I can afford some beautiful piece of leather down the road.

To be continued…tomorrow!


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