Hunger Games, part 2

This is Part 2 of my most recent post. I suggest reading Part 1 if you haven’t done so already.

I left off with my moment in a fitting room. In a wedding boutique. With a stranger, but otherwise alone.

And I’m still not sure why I went alone. I had felt fine about doing so when I made the appointment—keeping in mind that most of the people I would have invited either have jobs that don’t end that early or have careers that don’t allow for them to predict where they’ll be on a given day–, but watching the other mothers with their daughters and friends taking pictures saddened me. I lifted the gown off of the ground and rounded the corner to where the wall of mirrors was waiting. I closed my eyes and had K guide me, thinking as I did so that I’m never really alone because the Holy Spirit is my life-time companion. When she told me to open my eyes, tiny tears came to the corners of my eyes. Not because I was alone, but because the dress was perfect. In every way. Classic, traditional, and just gorgeous.

At the risk of sounding like a brat, I’ll tell you that everyone stopped what they were doing to look at me. In the middle of me twirling for my new audience, there was a loud noise from the front followed by screaming. What happened next was so unbelievable that I literally ran in my wedding gown to grab my phone and take this picture so that you’d believe me.

(Click the link to see the photo and continue reading)

You seem like the kind of person who probably has an iphone, so I need you to hold the lecture about how I need to get rid of my blackberry and its crappy camera, and just focus.

What happened was this: I was in the midst of a group of strangers twirling in a long, heavy wedding gown when the unhappy looking girl in the front of the boutique began screaming. Most of us rounded the corner to see what was happening. Only the woman who was holding a baby stayed behind. The rest of us watched as a young black man beat and shoved this white kid against the door to the lobby. The kid was yelling, “Get off of me!” and the older guy pinned him even harder against the door when he dared to move.

The picture is blurry because as you can imagine (or maybe you can’t), a wedding boutique full of women who are suddenly privy to a violent street fight is pure pandamonium.

Almost all of the women were yelling for them to stop fighting, except for me, who ran AS FAST AS I COULD IN A FULL PETTICOAT, TIARA, VEIL, CORSET THING-Y, AND WEDDING GOWN to my purse so I could capture the moment. When I re-joined the group, I held my phone up and started snapping. K, the sales lady, looked at me like I was crazy, and without meaning to I just yelled out,


Then someone else yelled,

“We don’t need a journalist! Call the police!”

I was still trying to process why I’d chosen to scream that out when lo and behold, two police cars pulled up outside. Each police officer that got out of the cars seemed short and none of them were moving with the speed that you’d expect police to move with if a little white kid were getting the heck beat out of him. Another small group of people had gathered outside by this point and they were all yelling for the police to stop the aggressor. A female officer put her arm on the shoulder of the man, and he instantly let go. He began to back away slowly, and as he did someone in the crowd took it upon themselves to perform their civic duty and detain him.

I lost sight of the man for a moment, but when he emerged, he was holding his white tee-shirt up, exposing rock-hard abs and what looked like a belly piercing. Let’s all hope it wasn’t a belly piercing, and hope that he bumped into some body glitter. A little further up from his belly button was a police badge hanging around his neck. Apparently!…he was an undercover cop who caught this kid doing some horrific crime, chased him all the way to the boutique where I was trying on my wedding gown, and then held him there until the real police could get on the scene. I was speechless. I mean, who saw that coming? Undercover cop street brawl on an otherwise pleasant day? Not me. K and I walked back to the fitting room out of breath, shaking our heads.

This was weeks ago, and since then I decided to take a break from any and all wedding planning until the middle of May. The break has thus far been quite nice. I’m now just resting in the finished works that are to come. I’m food fasting and I’m wedding stress fasting, and when it’s all said and done I”ll be in the best physical and spiritual shape I could hope to be in. When you know without a doubt, with 100% surety that God will give you the desires of your heart if you pour your time and energy into His will, and you know that you can run super-duper fast in your wedding gown when a fight breaks out, what else do you need?

Really though, what else do you need? Rest, honey.


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