My Top 7 Defining Moments in the Last 30 Days

Moments are defined by their greatness or lack of, and moments define us in the same way. Here are my Top 7 Defining Moments of the past month:


1. Becoming a Knicks fan

That’s Spike Lee, obviously. And being within three feet of him at the New York Knicks game was… pretty cool. (What am I, a fifth grader who’s only capable of describing things with characterless words?) As a Southerner, I’m still checking off a list of things to do and see in this ever expanding City of opportunity before God moves us on to our next adventure. I don’t when that will be, or if we have permanent roots in a concrete jungle, but after giving Kenyan Martin a hearty thumbs up and him nodding back at me more than once I, Jasmine, have decided to be a Knicks fan. And if I’m a fan, it means I may have finally become a true New Yorker.

They tell me I’m in for a lifetime of heartache by choosing the Knicks, but it certainly can’t be worse than believing at age 15 that Lance was the N’Sync band member I should attempt to date.


2. Filming my first sermon – which isn’t a sermon

There is no doubt in my mind that this should be Moment #1, but I am downplaying it – because I am scared that when my first series of videos launch in a few weeks that you (whoever you are) will hate them.

I am purposed to share. I am gifted at sharing, studying, and simplifying the Bible and I think doing it in a way where people don’t run for the hills. And so, I have stepped out on faith, a few dollars, and the help of a talented husband-wife duo to begin doing all three of those things at once.

This blog, though it will remain active, is no longer enough. I need to see you, and you need filler in between your favorite shows so I present Vision Nuggets to you, starting Thanksgiving weekend.


photo (1)

The 2013 NYC Marathon. Nothing short of motivational.

3. I Went Back to the Gym

To define Moment #3, I first the need help of a story, which, as is always the case with my blog, is totally and utterly true.

My Father owns several horses. He spent a good chunk of time in his younger years making sure they were well attended to – he repaired broken fences, filled old rusty bathtubs with fresh feed on a regular basis, and naturally, he trained them too. As he got older, he visited them on a less frequent basis, but he took one opportunity a month to ride his favorite, a large black horse named Cloud.

Cloud died, and my Father was left without a favorite horse. He seemed to dislike the others, but had no choice but to ride one of them when a few members of the herd went missing. He says he had only planned to be gone an hour, and so he took nothing with him. He rode out with a pocket knife and a few dollars in his pocket.

My Father searched the woods for those missing horses, but came up short. He decided to stop at his two-story cabin before heading back. He entered, climbed the stairs to the second floor bedroom and rested on the bed as the sun went down, and stars came out. He drank liquor, he looked at old photographs, and when he was good and liquored up he went out onto the balcony to pee. I had yelled about this barbaric practice before, but neither I nor the heavy rain which had made the wood balcony quite slick were to deter him, you see. So out he went, and out he stood, just to the left of the finished balcony rail. He stood, you see, where there was no rail, in a place where he had one day planned to expand. No rail, wet wood, and a drunk man are a bad combination. (That’s Biblical, fyi.)

I got a call maybe two, maybe three days later, from my cousins who were present when he was found and taken to the hospital. They said he had laid in the mud with a shattered hip for several hours before he dragged his limp body under the carport for shelter. They said he knew he’d die, so he used his hands to drag his upper torso through a downstairs window and fell onto the floor, where he broke a rib. They said he used a coat rack to knock two cans of soup onto the floor and used his pocketknife to open them and eat. They said he was getting a hip replacement. They said he was in a bad mood, but would call me later on.

Somewhere in the last 30 days I have realized that if you want something badly enough, you’ll do anything to have it. And so, I kicked off my challenge to lose a solid ten pounds. “But you’re not overweight,” people like to point out. That’s true and God bless ‘em for saying it – seriously, God, BLESS THEM, like right now, for saying that – but I can’t be my best if I don’t feel my best. And this ain’t my best. I’m down 3, but let’s be real, I think the cheese and bacon omelette, banana split, and the popcorn slathered in butter negates all of that.

To be continued with Parts 4-6…





One thought on “My Top 7 Defining Moments in the Last 30 Days

  1. The end of #1 made me think of the same thing it always does. Memories of passing out cardboard frames and telling everyone to “Face The Music”….. ;)

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