October 9 2016:

I lost track of time because I got busy, but I want you to know that I crushed the week before last. Do not count me out just yet. This girl is (still) on fire.

Boom bing bam! Done done done!

Resumes were flying, referrals were zipping back and forth between future employers and me. I interviewed, and I interviewed well. One of them was in the fanciest midtown spot, and get this y’all: there was a piano in the marble lobby and a lady hired to play it all the live long day. (So I don’t belong there.)

I’m high on nothing but life and I feel closer to God than ever before. We talk every morning, early too, and throughout the day. What should I have for lunch? What should I wear for this lunch meeting? Should I reach out to Pam and ask her to forward my resume on?  I acknowledge Him at every single moment of my work-from-home days. And He answers me. He has been waiting to answer me, waiting on me to ask! And like a flood, peace beyond understanding (Philippians 4:7) comes to surround me. It defies all the odds. Where I should feel fear, I feel only reassurance that God is at the helm, where He has always belonged.

I lost 13 pounds too. So maybe I will just kick back and if the fancy bank with the piano in the lobby decides they don’t want me after all, I’ll just model for Sports Illustrated.


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