I major in Jesus Christ, and I minor in fun. – I like the idea of finishing the revolution He started. I love what happens when you try.

<— This is me.

I came to be in 1983. Two semi-normal parents raised me and lots of siblings in the South. Bless their hearts, they actually listened to me when I told them I was the next Whitney Houston. They supported me enough to move me to Los Angeles and New York City as I violently pushed for stardom. If your idea of stardom is a string of commercials on Nickelodeon, I’ll sign your Double Dare t-shirt.

I returned back to Alabama for college. One warm afternoon, a handsome boy walked into the Abercrombie and Fitch store where I was working and introduced himself as “B Wood”. If someone said that to me now, I’d laugh first and then beg them to never say that again. At the time though, nothing could have been more romantic or cool. I was smitten and so was he. For like, two months. Then he broke up with me.

Four years later, I was done. I was a fake, masking true beauty, trying to become something I wasn’t. I was done with living like the only thing that mattered was New York City nightlife. I surrendered to Christ, and discovered that the things I like most about myself were still intact after a dip in the old Holy water. My smarts remained, my love of variety in people remained, and I was still a good dancer even when I wasn’t in a club. Victory! –and then a lot of change. And growth. And as you know, that’s the uncomfortable part. But man, is it worth it.

Everything I gave up can’t compare to what I gained.

Now I’m married to the boy I met in college. He’s a man now, with a six-pack. And after dating for three years with no sex, I’m all about some six-pack if you know what I mean. We plan to keep living in New York City for the time being, and to eventually raise kids who love football, vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, and the Church the way that we do. When I find downtime, I put on a bathing suit to read books in the park. When I don’t, I listen to gospel, Hillsong, Daft Punk, Keith Sweat and Coldplay to make it ok.

I am sharing my highs and my lows through the internet, trying to answer big questions through the Word, the best way I know how: with (wild but true) stories, with humor, with compassion, with honesty, and never in high heels.

Thanks for stopping by. I don’t believe in accidents, so y’all come on back.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. JAZZ you are one of the most special people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. And I cherish that I get to sow and reap nourishment into/from your Garden. This is only the beginning…ps I love love love love your Blog and I praise God for your obedience. I love you with my Inner Most Heart :)-Sparkle Muffin

    • Sparkle Muffin! YES! Thank you thank you THANK YOU. As my friend/sister/fellow apostle I’m honored that you like the blog AND suddenly I’m held to an even higher standard, haha! Ok, back to work I go…

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